Personal Development Specialist

As your Personal Development Specialist, you and I will collaborate to find the next step for you. As a bonus, I can provide top-tier referrals if needed. Lastly, I’m just a phone call away.

Inspirational Speaking

Emotional Intelligence is a hot topic these days with applications to any situation. Infuse a pick-me-up talk with the latest on emotional intelligence and your topic of the day for an instant mood-brightener. Lezlie Maret will personally present a dynamic, multi-media presentation on almost any topic that meets your groups needs.

Workshops and Seminars

ClearSky  provides a brand new set of tools to participants in a full day, multi-day or half-day event. Workshops and seminars can be held for your organization to equip your organization, chamber, small group or bible study, and church events to equip people in life change.

motivational speaker Lezlie Maret, M.A.

Based on your needs, ClearSky is a ministry that
can recommend top-notch professionals.

Financial Planner /CPA/
Wealth Management

Career Development

Mental Health Professionals

Legal Assistance


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